Swiss Championships 23.-29.7.2012


Monday (training day) 23. - Sunday 29. Juli 2012 (6 possible tasks)
Flying in 3 different weather-areas is the fundamental idea of the "Disentis Swiss Open"

Language: Important informations for pilots are written in english. If you have any question, feel free to ask us.

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Saturday - 29 July 2012


Wyss und Strasser sind die neuen Schweizermeister; Media Report, Rankings, Photos, Tracks
Wyss und Strasser sind die neuen Schweizermeister; Media Report, Rankings, Photos, Tracks
Friday - 27 July 2012

Prize Giving
Because of the bad weather report for the weekend we stop the competition.
Prize giving at 21:00.

100km to Davos with landing at Schiers
Stefan Wyss and Alfredo Studer arrives 10 minutes in front of the concurrents.

Weather and programm Friday
Weather report at www.swissleague.ch

We go up at 9:00. Landing is probably not at Disentis, because of the SW-Wind.

Thursday - 26 July 2012

Programm for Friday
We go up at 9:00 as usual.

Weather looks goo. SW Wind in altitude, but ok for flying at Disentis. Maybe we choose a landing at Truns.

Pilots dinner
Tonight at 8:00! Grill at >Hotel sax.

120km dream task!
Report, rankings and photos you find at www.swissleague.ch

Weather and Programm Thursday
Light north wind, good conditions, cloud base up to 4000m.

Meeting at 9:00 at the cable car station. Lunch bag.
Briefing at middle station.
Transport to take off site 10:10

More infos at www.swissleague.ch

Thuesday - 24 July 2012

No task because of north wind and CB

The north wind was stronger as announced and did fall down badly over the take off area. Fiesch and Tessin ad north as well. Best flight where realized at the bernese alps.

Report on www.swissleague.ch

Weather and Programm Wednesday
It looks like we have 10-15 kn north in most altitudes. The thermals should develop nicely and there will be only 1/8 Cu in the afternoon.
Normally we should be able to have good and nice flying in the area with this wind. Therefor we will go up to our normal take off site:

Meeting at 9:00 at the cable car station. Lunch bag.
Briefing at middle station.
Transport to take off site 10:10

Weather maps on www.swissleague.ch

Report, Rankings and Fotos

You find at www.swissleague.ch

Morning Report
Weather report is at the Swiss League website >>>

It looks, that it is stable up to 1500m and we will have congestus in the afternoon.

We go up early. We will have a nice flying day!

Thuesday: We go up early! - 23 July 2012

We think, that we will have cumulus congestus in the afternoon. Therefor we will go up as early as possible:

Cable car at 9:30 !!

Weather report >>>

Media: Online and tomorrow in Newspaper >>>

Training day:
25 participants.
We set a long taks, 108 km, but the conditions where a little bit stable. But most of the pilots had a nice flight to Oberalppass - Brigels and back to disentis.
Fotos later.

Fotos from training day - 23 July 2012

Are uploadet to the swissleague website >>>

Media >>>

Infomail 4: Training day takes place - 22 July 2012

Training day monday
The wind looks ok for the Disentis flight area:
The training day takes place
- Meeting 10:10 at the cable car station Disentis
- 10:30 the cable car will go !
There are about 15 pilots registered for the training day. If you decide to join us, you are welcome without registration.

We will have a short briefing at Caischavedra (middle station) and we will register with SMS. No upload from turn-points!

Weather reports at the Swiss League Website >>>

Competition registration
is at the race office at the headquarter at Hotel Sax:
- Monday between 18.00 and 20.00
- Tuesday between 07.30 and 09.00 (latest arrival 8:30)
Please be in time! We will have a good flying day and we will not wait for late pilots!

You will get your lunch bag at the cable car station.
First competition briefing will be at Caischavedra (middle station, free coffee/tee/drink and croissant). Normally we set a provisional task during this briefing.

After the briefing we go up to take off. This is done very fast. The final task briefing will be at take off as usual.

It looks good! Whow. Already now:

Safety commission
We propose:
Micha Sigel, Elie Burdilloud and Stefan Land
If you intend to be in this commission, pls tell us during registration. In this case we would make a vote prior to the first briefing.

Weather report Monday - 22 July 2012

It's not the 200er-day, but ooks good for a training task.

Meeting 10:10 at the cable car station Disentis.

Weather maps and reports >>>

Infomail 3 - 20 July 2012

Weather forecast
For the Weekend:

I uploaded the Maps to the gallery:

In Short: The weather is bad and as soon it starts to be good, there will be too much wind in most areas of Switzerland. If you really like to fly, best would probably be (Sunday) Zinal, maybe Verbier.

For Monday, training day:
Its difficult to make a prognosis for the wind for Disentis. If I would have to make one: Its flyable early (take off at 11-12 hour). Later the wind will pick up.
If it is not flyable at Disentis, there is a good soaring possibility nearby.

For Tuesday, first task:
Looks good! Whow.

Next info
Next info will be Sunday evening about the training day. Remember: Pls register for the training day with a short mail to me (up to now only 1 pilot).

Info-Mail 2 - 16 July 2012

Maps and Turnpoints are ready
You will get all maps printed at A3-format.

We now, that most of you can upload only one file to your GPS. In case we move next day to an other area, you will be informed at 19:00 with an SMS and on our website.
-> it would be good, if you are able to upload the files yourself
-> the race-office will be open

I had to cancel the flight camp, therefor I'll not be at Disentis prior the competition.
-> pls mail me, if you like to fly prior to the comp in this area.
-> I'll make a short weather forecast on our website and try to help

Monday 23.7. we have the official training day. You will be informed by e-mail (not SMS) and on our website, how the weather looks and what we do.

Participant list
In order to organize your travel, I send you the list of participants with the e-mail addresses (GSSM.pdf).

 read more ...
Info-Mail 1 - 04 July 2012

At the moment 76 pilots are registered. 80-90 pilots would be perfect for this area and a good size for a nice championship.
I'll start to send you from time to time informations. This is the first info-mail, it concerns mainly the accommodation:

We managed to negotiate a good price in the Hotel Baur:
CHF 100.- for a double room (50.- / P).
The Hotel is right next to the cable car and 5 minutes from the headquarter (by foot)... It is a 3* hotel with big rooms, nice breakfast-buffet and a little bit of wellness.

For sure, all other possibilities are good as well. Especially the possibility to stay at a marked part of the parking from the cable car (the toilets will be open, but no shower).

www.nangijala.ch (cool hostel, 1 km from cable car)
www.cucagnahostel.ch (hostel and hotel 1.5km)
www.disentis-sedrun.ch/de/list.cfm?listall=yes&category=AccDS&subcat=CampingDS (nice camping 2 km)

I'll be form 18.-22. in Disentis with a flight-camp (at Hotel Baur). For sure you can come up with us to the take of (note, that the second section of the cable car runs only on our request).

Monday 23.7. we have the official training day. You will be informed by SMS and on our website, how the weather looks and what we do.

I hope you find all informations on our website: www.gssm.ch. The program you find here: http://gssm.ch/Competition/Programm/tabid/124/Default.aspx

At the first day, Tuesday 24th July, we will probably not travel to Tessin or Jura. But maybe to Fanas (1:20). Pls be in time at registration!

Normally you will get SMS in the early evening about the next days program. For foreign pilots we have plenty of space in our busses.

Registration open - 13 May 2012

Online registration is open.

You find all infos in our registration-menue.

Feel free to ask, if you have any question.

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