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Flying in 3 different weather-areas is the fundamental idea of the "Disentis Swiss Open":

Disentis Swiss Open
Location: Disentis
Flight areas: Disentis, Mt. Lema (Ticino) and Weissenstein (Jura)
Max. 100 pilots
CHF 290.-
Reduced registration fee for foreign pilots (living outside Switzerland): 195 Euro
- Free entry for pilots on WPRS < 100

The Alps are often the weather-dividing range. Sometimes the conditions are good in the alps itself, sometimes in the Jura, sometimes in the south (Tessin, Cornizolo). The Disentis-Open takes this in to account and offers flying at 3 sites:
- Disentis as base-area with headquarters and hotel
- Monte Lema in the south
- Weissenstein in the north (Jura)

1 Base-location is Disentis.
-  with headquarters and hotels. Free camping possible
- great task-setting in a square from Disentis to Flims and Lukmanier to Vals
- Disentis offers meteorologically a high possibility of flying (alpine area in the center of the alps, but normally softer conditions then Fiesch)
- landing directly at the headquarter and the official hotel Sax
- webcam take off: www.disentis-sedrun.ch/de/pop_cam_ds_ski1b.cfm

2 Monte Lema in the south of the Alps (near Cornizzolo)
1:50 hours drive from Disentis
- it is good with light northerly
- good task setting to Laveno (Italy)

3 Weissenstein (Jura)
2:10 hours drive from Disentis
- at Weissenstein we can fly with moderate Föhn along the Jura

- Turn points, maps and transport to take offs is organized at all 3 areas
- The competition is only moved, if not 4 tasks will be flown (normally the competition moves only for 1 day)
- Pilots living in Switzerland: Transportation to the alternative sites (Lema, Weissenstein) must be organized by themselves.
- Foreign pilots: We will organize the transport to the alternative sites (Lema, Weissenstein)
- Normally we stay at Disentis over night. Only in extreme cases we move for two days or more.
- If we move we have to improvise. Common sense and good mood will make the days great!


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